Friday, 26 February 2010

The Beginning - Dec 2008

It was an afternoon in late October when the new Dolls House Emporium catalogue dropped through my letterbox with special offers of 50% off selected houses.

Wow, I thought, this is my chance to buy a dolls house after so many years of being interested in the hobby but finding the kits a bit too expensive.

I chose a kit called Montgommery Hall which is one of the medium sized houses. It was just the right combination of room sizes and had a proper stairway.

I rang up to order it in November, speaking to a very freindly lady who tried to convince me to buy the 'Quickstyle' version that comes with the exterior decorated. "But decorating it is the fun part" I said.

It was to be my xmas present so although it arrived within two days, it was delivered to my boyfriend's parents house and I didn't see it until xmas morning.

It was very exciting opening up the boxes. I got a bit of a surprise as to how big the house is. Although I'd had a tape measure out and roughed it out it's never quite the same as seeing it for real.

Over xmas I put it together as a dry build with help from my boyfriend and started planning.

It is a Georgian style property so I decided to go with that period and take up the challenge of recreating a Georgian period property.

I've thought a blog would be the best way to record my progress and share it's construction with anyone who would like to read it. I've only just decided to write this so although it's 2010 I've been working on my dolls house since January 2009.

Comments are always welcome.

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  1. I am reading backwards here! It is Montgomery Hall that I have just bought! As I said cheating a bit as it already has lighting etc but I really wasn't sure I would have the patience to do the fiddly stuff.
    It seemed a good start house - loving the Dolls House Emporium furniture but very pricy - at the moment I haven't any furniture but, like you, keen to do the reseach and get the right Georgian look.
    Funnily enough it was advertised as a Victorian house.
    But again, researched it on the Dolls House Emporium who have a great site.