Thursday, 30 June 2011

30th June - An Update

Sorry about my complete lack of posting since January but I have been extremely busy with JS Miniatures.

I did manage to apply some miniature stone coating to stone work on the front of my dolls house but I still need to take some pictures.  I'm not doing very well at all here!

In the absence of anything to write about my dolls house you might be interested to know that I am launching a new product for JS Miniatures next month which is a Victorian Fireplace based on an original late Victorian cast iron flat grate with tiles circa 1880.

It and my other 2 fireplaces will be available as part of a reader offer in next months DH&MS magazine (September) which is out on the 28th July.

I have also made improvements to my Georgian Fireplace.   All will be revealed in the reader offer!

Victorian Fireplace Preview