Monday, 1 March 2010

Adding some colour - May 2009

Having started the exterior and done my trial piece on the back I then hit a wall where I was so worried about making mistakes that I wasn't doing anything.  It was time for a change of tack...

The interiors of most Georgian houses were painted.  Although wallpaper was available it was imported and it only really become common in the Victorian period.  In the Georgian period it was so expensive that only the richest owners could have afforded it.
As I'm not trying to go for a mansion but more of a grand townhouse I decided to paint my interiors.

Georgian paint colours were rather dull.  Pigments were expensive so colours were limited to the cheaper pigments.  Colours were generally creams, browns, dull greens and burgundy.  By the Regency period colous had got a bit lighter and brighter greens and soft blues were available.

The easiest way to reproduce these colours in my dolls house was to buy 'period colours' that are available from some of the paint manufacturers.
I chose to go with '1829' by Craig & Rose which helpfully name their colours by period such as Regency Cream.  It's also available in my local B&Q.
Because the pallet of colours is fairly limited I went for Regency Cream, Deep Adam Green, Pompadour and Burgundy Leather.
Unfortunately the Burgundy Leather was so dark it wasn't suitable for the small room size of a dolls house so I used artistic licence and went for a later period with a paler shade - Mackintosh Mauve.  It's not very authentic but it does look much better in my small room!

I have repeated the colours for my 9 rooms - the hallways are all Pompadour (a pale blue) and the other colours are in the main rooms.

I started by painting all the interior walls and ceilings with white emulsion.  This seals the MDF and gives your colours more depth.
I got a bargain in B&Q - two mini rollers and a paint tray for £1.  The gloss roller (the sponge one) gave a nice smooth finish and the size was perfect for covering the walls quickly and with little mess.  I needed a couple of coats but I got a nice smooth finish.
I could then paint the walls.  These photos still show the burgundy colour before I used the lighter mauve but you get the idea.

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